Centre for Economic Demography

Lund University School of Economics and Management

The Demographic Transition: future research

Recently the research has been directed into two main areas: the interplay between socioeconomic stratification and demography in the demographic transition; and the impact of life-course factors on health and mortality in later life (the latter is dealt with under Research Area Pathways to Health and Well-Being). In addition, we have also continued our work on the impact of economic fluctuations on mortality by looking at the effects of harvest outcomes (and not only prices) on mortality. This research deals with the development of socioeconomic differentials in mortality, family formation and fertility before, during and after the demographic transition, as well as with socioeconomic attainment and socioeconomic mobility and its relationship to the demographic transition. An important aspect of this research is also to analyse socioeconomic attainment and socioeconomic mobility in more detail and in what way these are interconnected to demographic behaviour, for example through assortative mating in the marriage market