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All seminars held at the Centre for Economic Demography since 2007 are listed below. Seminars by CED members held at other venues are also included.





2021-11-02 Gabriel Brea-Martinez, Lund University The (Un)Changing Price of Poverty: The Association between Childhood Poverty and Adult Income and Education in Sweden, 1945 to 2015
2021-10-19 Johan Rehnberg, ARC Karolinska Institute Interdependent pathways between socioeconomic position and health: A Swedish longitudinal register-based study
2021-10-05 Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik, Statistics Norway Marriage behavior in countries of origin, residential partnership markets, and partnership choices among the children of immigrants
2021-09-21 Jonas Helgertz, Lund University/University of Minnesota Fetal Exposure to Cigarette Smoking and Adult and Old Age Mortality: Evidence from Linked U.S. Full-Count Census and Mortality Data
2021-09-07 Maria Fridh & Martin Lindström, Lund University Poor psychological health and 5-year mortality: A population-based prospective cohort study stratified by gender
2021-05-25 Jan Mewes, Lund University Protestantism, Social Trust and the Scars of Unemployment: Evidence from European Countries, 2002-2017
2021-05-11 Eva Andersson, Stockholm University Exploring life-course trajectories in local spatial contexts across Sweden
2021-04-27 Stefan Fors, Karolinska institutet, ARC Gender, health and disabilities in old age
2021-03-30 Ingrid van Dijk, Lund University Later-life effects of high fertility on survival: The reproductive career, nearby children, and survival age 45-90


2021-03-02 Gabriel Brea Martinez, Lund University Materfamilias: The beneficial impact of mother’s work on children income mobility, Southern Sweden (1947-2015)
2021-02-16 Ana Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Lund University The impact of the female advantage in education on the marriage market
2021-02-02 Debora Birgier, University of Gothenburg Selectivity in emigration: the case of migration from Sweden
2021-01-19 J David Hacker, University of Minnesota Twin Cities/ visiting researcher at CED, Lund University Child Mortality and Racial Residential Segregation in the United States at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
2020-12-01 Elisabetta De Cao, London School of Economics, Basic instinct? Female fertility and genes
2020-11-17 Evelina Björkegren, Stockholm University Selection and Causation in the Parental Education Gradient in Health: Lessons from a Large Sample of Adoptees
2020-11-03 Raffaele Grotti, European University Institute Heterogeneous unemployment dynamics of natives and second-generation immigrants in Sweden
2020-10-20 Anthony Wray, University of Southern Denmark The Duke Endowment’s Impact on Health Care in the Carolinas, 1925-1962
2020-10-06 Anna WelanderTärneberg, CED, Lund University Anna WelanderTärneberg at Department of Economic History/CED, Lund University
2020-09-08 Martin Hällsten, Stockholm Unviersity The shadow of peasant past: Seven generations of inequality persistence in Northern Sweden
2020-03-17 Maria Stanfors, CED, Lund University Sick of squabbling? Household division of labor, disagreement, and health among men and women in Sweden 2000-2010 
2020-03-03 Astrid Kunze, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen Maternity Leave Reforms from the Firm’s Perspective
2020--02-11 Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Umeå University Unemployment and the wellbeing of couples: the mediating role of relationship quality and financial situation
2020-01-28 Sten-Åke Stenberg, SOFI, Stockholm University Born in 1953. The story about a post-war Swedish cohort, and a longitudinal research project
2020-01-14 Jani Erola, University of Turku Socioeconomic background and gene-environment interplay in social stratification across the early life course
2019-12-17 Fabrizio Bernardi, European University Institute (EUI) The academic greenshirting puzzle. Social backgorund, early school entry and childrens' outcomes
2019-11-19 Hannaliis Jaadla Infant and child mortality by socioeconomic status in early nineteenth century England
2019-11-05 Caroline Uggla, SUDA, Stockholm University Partner age gaps among immigrants and their descendants: Adaptation across generations and over time?
2019-10-22 Michael Gähler, Stockholm University Three Studies on Gender Discrimination in Hiring
2019-10-08 Per Engzell, Nuffield College, Oxford University Trends and Patterns in Intergenerational Income Transmission: A multimodel investigation
2019-09-26 Lund Population Day 2019 Full day program with invited guests from LU and abroad, for more info please see Lund Population Day 2019
2019-09-10 Stefanie Mollborn, University of Colorado at Boulder/CED Changes in Technology Use among US Children and Youth
2019-06-04 Alain Gagnon, University of Montréal Historical trends in mortality from influenza; antigenic imprinting and age-period-cohort influences
2019-05-21 Sarah Walter, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Meaning in the margins: selection, sex and censure in African demographic history
2019-05-07 Jarmo Peltola, University of Tampere & Sakari Saaritsa, University of Helsinki How to build internationally comparative historical demographic database to Finland?” & “Typhoid for all? The determinants of unequal responses to a shared waterborne health shock during the Great Typhoid Epidemic of the city of Tampere, 1916
2019-04-23 Jennifer Hook, University of Southern California Women’s Employment Trajectories across European and North American Countries, 1992-2016: What Matters and for Whom?”
2019-03-26 Emilio Zagheni, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research Studying migration with social media data
2019-03-12 Mikael Rostila, Stockholm University Health inequalities among individuals with foreign background and the role of social determinants of health
2019-02-26 Joseph Molitoris, CED/Hungarian Demographic Research Institute Breastfeeding during Pregnancy and the Risk of Miscarriage: Evidence from Across the Developmental Spectrum
2019-02-12 Torun Österberg, Gothenburg University Older people in Sweden without means: on the importance of age at immigration for being ‘twice poor’
2019-01-29 Helene Castenbrandt, University of Copenhagen Why long-term sickness absence? Continuity and change during the 20th century
2019-01-22 Matthias Rosenbaum-Feldbrügge, Radboud University Leaving Home for Marital and Non-Marital Reasons in the Netherlands, 1850-1940 – Urban-Rural Differences and the Case of Parental Death
2019-01-15 Lina Aldén, Linnaeus University Culture and the gender gap in major choice: An analysis using sibling comparisons
2018-12-11 Dylan Connor, Arizona State University Ethnic enclaves and intergenerational mobility in the United States in the early twentieth century
2018-11-27 Peter Fallesen, Rockwool Foundation Who React to Less Restrictive Divorce Laws?
2018-11-13 Anne Goujon, Vienna Institute of Demography  Religious demography: What is it about and why do we need it?
2018-10-30 Lyn Craig, University of Melbourne Labour force status, transitions and mothers’ and fathers’ parenting stress: direct and cross-spousal influences
2018-10-16 Walker Hanlon, New York University, Stern Business School Information, Censorship, and the British Demographic Transition
2018-10-02 Lisa Eklund, Lund University Mate selection and intimate life in the context of high sex ratios in China: Findings from two research projects
2018-09-11 Øyvind Søraas Skorge, Institute for Social Research, Oslo Care for career: mothers, toddlers, and the impact of daycare services on female leadership
2018-05-22 Jamie Pearce, University of Edinburgh The ’Lifecourse of place’: a new approach for understanding healthy ageing?” (co-authored with M Cherrie, N Shortt, I Deary)
2018-05-08 Olle Folke, Uppsala University All the Single Ladies: Job Promotions and the Durability of Marriage” (co-authored with J . Rickne
2018-05-03 Martha Bailey, University of Michigan Prep School for Kids: The Long-Run Impact of Head Start on Adult Human Capital
2018-04-24 Giacomin Favre, University of Zurich Bias in Social Mobility Estimates with Historical Data. Evidence from Swiss Microdata
2018-04-05 Alícia Adserà, Princeton University Welfare states, Migration and Selection: Heterogeneous effects of social and economic rights on migrant flows
2018-03-27 Jochen Mireau, University of Groningen   Inequality in An Equal Society” (co-authored with L.A. Harvey and J. Rockey)
2018-03-13 Almudena Sevilla, Queen Mary University of London The Math Gender Gap: The Role of the Testing Environment” (co-authored with J Montalbán)
2018-02-27 Casper Worm Hansen, University of Copenhagen   Preventing the White Death: Tuberculosis Dispensaries” (co-authored with P Sandholt Jensen, P Egedesø Madsen)
2018-02-13 Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist ISF (Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate)/SOFI A nudge to quit? The effect of a change in pension information on labor supply and retirement choices among older workers” (co-authored with J Hagen, D Hallberg)
2018-01-30 Anna Dreber Almenberg, Stockholm School of Economics Which scientific results can we trust? Researcher degrees of freedom, replications and prediction markets
2018-01-16 Jonas Björk, CED, Faculty of Medcine/LU Selection issues in population-based cohort studies - how large is the problem and what can we do about it?
2017-12-05 Anders Forslund, Uppsala University Labour market entry of non-labour migrants – Swedish evidence
2017-11-21 Rebecca Sear, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Beyond the nuclear family: evolutionary demographic perspectives on family and fertility
2017-11-09 Joseph Ferrie, Northwestern University Rosie's Kids: Pre-School Exposure during WWII and Later-Life Outcomes
2017-10-17 Andrew Seltzer, Royal Holloway University of London The impact of commuting and mass transport on the London labour market: Evidence from the New Survey of London Life and Labour (co-authored with J Bean, J Wadsworth)
2017-10-03 Albert Esteve, Autonomous University of Barcelona Racial Intermarriage in the Americas: Comparing Brazil, Cuba and the United States
2017-09-05 Joakim Ruist, Gothenburg University Self-selection and Non-convergence: Why the Promised Land is not a Melting Pot
2017-05-30 Jonas Helgertz, CED/Lund University The effects of birth weight on hospitalizations and sickness (co-authored with A Nilsson)
2017-05-16 Jeffrey Neilsen, CED/Lund University Does child gender matter in Sweden? Time investments in children and intergenerational transmission of gender roles (co-authored with M Stanfors)
2017-05-02 Paula Gobbi, UC Louvain Childless Aristocrats. Fertility, Inheritance, and Persistent Inequality in Britain (1650 - 1882)
2017-04-18 Fiona Carmichael, University of Birmingham Unpaid caregiving & paid work over life-courses: choices, constraints, trade-offs and impacts
2017-04-04 Thorkild Sørensen, University of Copenhagen Use of old historical records to elucidate causes, development, occurrence and consequences of obesity in long-term perspectives
2017-03-29 Katherine Eriksson, University of California Davies Death in the Proimised Land: The Great Migration and Black Infant Mortality (co-authored with GT Niemesh)
2017-03-14 Erik Svensson, Lund University Human influences on evolution, and the ecological and societal consequences
2017-02-28 Ben Wilson, Stockholm University What is the influence of childhood exposure to cultural norms? The role of segregation and community composition in explaining migrant fertility
2017-02-14 Robyn Donrovich Thorén, KU Leuven  Familial influences on mortality in Northwestern Europe: reproduction and longevity in the Skellefteå region, c. 1780-1950
2017-01-31 Stefan Öberg, Gothenburg University Socioeconomic dimensions of diet and health during the 20th century: A longitudinal study
2017-01-14 Jørgen Modalsli, Statistics Norway Unaccompanied Minors in Sweden (co-authored with E Wadensjö).
2016-11-29 Aycan Çelikaksoy, SOFI, Stockholm University Unaccompanied Minors in Sweden (co-authored with E Wadensjö).
2016-11-01 Lionel Kesztenbaum, INED Wealth in the trenches. Social class and survival during World War One
2016-10-18 Kris E. Inwood, University of Guelph

Tall, active and well made?  Maori stature and health in New Zealand (co-authored with L Oxley and E Roberts)

2016-10-11 Mertixell Solé Juves, University of Barcelona Do pensions foster education? An empirical perspective
2016-09-27 Mikael Lundahl, Gothenburg University Dynastic Human Capital, Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility
2016-09-13 Christopher Smith, CED Assessement Reform, Immigration Integration and School Segregation in Sweden (co-authored with J Helgertz and K Scott)
2016-05-23 Alessandra Venturini, University of Turin Female Migration and Native Marital Stability: Insights from Italy (co-authored with D Vignoli and E Pirani)
2016-04-12 Greg Clark, University of California Davis (UCD) How Important is Additive Genetic Inheritance to Social Outcomes? A Lineage Study of 61,000 English Individuals, 1750-2016 (co-authored with N Cummins)
2016-03-15 Richard Zijdeman, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam Advancing the comparability of occupational data through Linked Open Data (co-authored with K Dentler, R Hoekstra, A Merono-Penuela)
2016-03-01 Glenn Sandström, Umeå University A reversal of the socioeconomic gradient of nuptiality during the mid-twentieth century baby boom. Emipirical evidence from Sweden using event history analysis
2016-02-16 Anton Nilsson, CED/Aarhus University Smoking Behaviour and Early Retirement Due to Chronic Disability (co-authored with T Bengtsson)
2016-02-02 Alyson van Raalte, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock Why are northern Europeans falling behind in life expectancy? An international comparison of age and cause of death, 1970-2009 (co-authored with V Shkolnikov)
2016-01-20 Amelia Branigan, Cornell University Parental Infertility and Children’s Educational Achievement (co-authored with J Helgertz)

Annika Lindskog, Gothenburg University 

Education and HIV incidence among young women: causation or selection?
2015-12-01 Andrew Hinde, University of Southampton Why did mortality decline in England after 1850? A re-interpretation based on causes of death
2015-11-17 Helena Skyt-Nielsen, Aarhus University The Effect of Teacher's Aides in the Classroom: Evidence from a Randomized Trial" ( co-authored with SC Andersen, LV Beuchert, HS Nielsen, MK Thomsen)
2015-10-19 Markus Jäntti, Stockholm University Trends in life expectancy by income and the role of specific causes of death (co-authored with K Hederos Eriksson, L Lindahl, J Torssander)
2015-10-06 Kieron Barclay, London School of Economics The Long-Term Cognitive and Socioeconomic Consequences of Birth Intervals: A Within-Family Sibling Comparision Using Swedish Register Data ( co-authored with M Kolk)
2015-09-22 Agnieszka Chlon-Dominszak, Warsaw School of Economics Retreat from mandatory pension funds in countries in the Eastern and Central Europe in result of finanical and fiscal crisis: causes and effects (co-authored with Stanko and Bielawska)
2015-09-07 Petter Lundborg, CED/Dept. of Economics, LU Health and Unemployment During Macroeconomic Crises
2015-05-21 Bruno Schoumaker, Catholic University of Louvain Stalls in Fertility Transitions in sub-Sahara Africa Revisited
2015-05-07 Antonie Knigge, University of Utrecht Sources of Sibling Similarity. Status Attainment in the Netherlands during Modernization
2015-04-16 Vegard Skirbekk, Norwegian Institute of Public Health Differential Fertility - The Long Term View
2015-04-08 Alan Fernihough, Queens University, Belfast Coal and the European Industrial Revolution
2015-03-26 Martin Kolk, Stockholm University Intergenerational and intragenerational correlations in family size across time – fertility continuities in northern Sweden between 1750 and 2007
2015-03-06 Kelly Musick, Cornell University How Parents Fare: Mothers' and Fathers' Effective Well-being in Time with Children
2015-02-25 Jeff Nielsen, CED/Dept. of Economic History, LU Overworked and Underslept? The changeing sleep durations of men and women in Sweden (1990-2010)
2015-02-12 Martin Fischer, University of Duisburg-Essen The Sooner the Better? Compulsory Schooling Reforms in Sweden
2015-01-22 Per Pettersson Lidbom, Stockholm University Midwifes and Maternal Mortality: Evidence from a Midwifery Policy Experiment in Sweden in the 19th Century
2014-12-11 Gabriella Conti, University College London The Health Effects of Early Life Interventions
2014-11-27 Sebastian Klüsener, Max Planck Instutue for Demographic Research, Rostock Factors that Drove Infant Mortality Across Europe Between 1910 and 1930
2014-10-30 Marie Evertsson, Stockholm University Parental Leave and Careers - Womens' and Mens' Salaries After Parental Leave


Göran Broström, Umeå University Female Fertility and Population Growth: Sweden 1749-2013
2014-10-02 Francesco Scalone, University of Bologna Neonatal Death Clustering Mortality in a Historical Italian Village
2014-09-11 Maria Stanfors, CED/Dept. of Economic History, LU A Century of Divorce: Macroeconomic Conditions and Marital Dissolution in Sweden 191 (co-authored with G. Sandström & F Andersson)
2014-06-05 Valérie Jarry, Université de Montréal Early-Life and Mid-Life Determinants of Exceptional Longevity
2014-05-15 Arizo Karimi, IFAU/Uppsala University Effects of Fertility Timing on Career Outcomes: Evidence from Biological Fertility Chocks
2014-04-24 Raquel Carrasco, Dept of Economics, Carlos III Madrid University Return to Skills and the Distribution to Wagfes: Spain 1995-2010

Bernt Bratsberg, Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research in Oslo

Labor Migrant Adjustments to the Financial Crisis


Kai Willfuhr, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock

Reproductive behavior of landless agricultural workers, small farmers, and the economic elite in the historical Krummhörn region


Joseph Ferrie, Dept. of Economics, Northwestern University

The Role of Grandfathers (and Great-Grandfathers) in the Transmission of Socioeconomic Status from Fathers to Sons: Britain 1851-1911 and the U.S. 1850-1940


Sol Juarez, CED/LU

Is it who you are or where you live? Community effects on individual behavior during the fertility transition in Sweden: A multi-level analysis using micro census data (co-authored with M. Dribe and F. Scalone)


Thomas Niedomysl, Circle/LU

The Accuracy of Migration Distance Measures


Ross MacMillan, Dondena Centre, Bocconi university, Milano

Neoliberalism and Life Expectancy: A Study in the Political-Economy of Population Health


Berkay Özcan, London School of Economics

The Effects of Unemployment on Fertility (co-authored with S. Hald Andersen)


Martin Dribe and Jonas Helgertz, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Intergenerational social mobility during industrialization: A micro-level study of a transforming community in southern Sweden, 1830-1968 (co-authored with B. van de Putte)


Öystein Kravdal, Dept. of Economics, Oslo University

Education and Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa


Julia Jennings, California Institute of Technology

Climate Variability and Human Migration in the Netherlands, 1865-1937


Richard Steckel, Dept. of Economics, Ohio State University

A Dreadful Childhood: The Long Shadow of American Slavery


Sharon Sassler, Cornell University

Occupational Attainment in the Early 20th Century: Revisiting the Role of Ethnicity, Family, and Gender


Kai Willführ, Max Planck Insitute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), Rostock

Reproductive Behavior of Landless Agricultural Workers, Small Farmers and of the Economic Elite in the Historical Krummhörn Region (East Frisia, Germany, 1720-1850)


Jan Kok, Nijmegen Radboud University

Differential demography in jungle compounds, Ceylon 1760-1770


Stefanie Mollborn, University of Colorado Boulder

Developmental Ecology in Early Childhood: Implications for School Readiness


Daniel Lichter, Cornell Population Centre

Ethnic Boundaries in America: Shifting Patterns of Marriage and Residential Segregation among Minority Populations


Stefan Öberg, Dept. of Economic History, Göteborg University

The association between infant mortality rate and height in individual level data, Southern Sweden 1834-1968


Jim Oeppen, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), Rostock

North-West European exceptional longevity in a global context: 1550-2000


Therese Nilsson, CED/ Dept. of Economics, LU

Short- and long-term effects of free maternal care. Evidence from a natural experiment


Glenn Sandström, DDB/ALC, Umeå

Ready, Willing and Able - The Divorce Transition in Sweden 1915-1974


Martina Björkman-Nyqvist, Stockholm School of Economics

Information is Power: Experimental Evidence of the Long Run Impact of Community Based Monitoring


Martin Dribe, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Age heterogamy and gender-specific earning: Sweden 1990-2009 (co-authored with Paul Nystedt)


Martin Lindström, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

A life course perspective on economic stress and tobacco smoking: a population based study (co-authored with Birgit Modén and Maria Rosvall)


Glenn Sandström, DDB, Umeå

Ready, Willing and Able: The Divorce Transition in Sweden 1915-1974


George Ploubidis, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Lifelong Socio Economic Position and biomarkers of later life health: A formal comparison of the critical period, accumulation and chains of risk hypotheses


Katrine Vellesen Löken, University of Bergen

Smoking Bans, Maternal Smoking and Birth Outcomes


Åsa Ljungvall, CED/ Dept. of Economics, LU

Economic perspectives on the obesity epidemic


Gunnar Malmberg, ALC, Umeå

Local ties and family migration


Martha Bailey, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Does Family Planning Increase Children’s Opportunities? Evidence from the U.S. War on Poverty and the Early Years of Title X (co-authors Zoë M. McLaren and Olga Malkova)


James Lee, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Family Background and Access to Higher Education in China 1949-2009


Anton Lager, CHESS, Stockholm

Schooling, intelligence changes and adult all-cause mortality


Luciana Quaranta, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Early life conditions and offspring sex ratio at birth in 19th and 20th Century Scania


Christofer Edling, Dept. of Sociology, LU

Personal networks and social capital of young Swedes


Jonas Helgertz, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Direct and Indirect Effects of Early-Life Disadvantage: Can Intrauterine Growth Restriction Predict Disability Retirement? (co-authored with D. Vågerö)


Bernard Harris, University of Southampton

The changing body: health, nutrition and human development in the western world since 1700


Josephine Jacobs, University of Toronto and Maria Stanfors CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

The impact of state health insurance and abortion policy on women’s choice of contraceptive intensity in the United States & Racial and Ethnic Differences in Women’s Contraceptive Choice in the United States, 1995-2008


Petter Lundborg, CED/ Dept. of Economics, LU

Parental Education and Offspring Outcomes: Evidence from the Swedish Compulsory Schooling Reform (co-authored with D-O. Rooth and A. Nilsson)


Hilde Bras, Dept. of History, Radboud University, Nijmegen

Family Systems, welfare regimes and fertility behavior in contemporary Europe from a social network perspective


Nick Giordano, CED/Dept. for Clinical Sciences

Social capital and Self-rated health: Testing association with longitudinal and multilevel methodologies


Ernesto Silva, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Female Relative Income and Continued Childbearing in Sweden (1968-2009)


Karin Halldén, Swedish Institute for Social Research, SOFI, Stockholm University

Attaining Authority: Cross national variation in the Gender Gap in High Authority Positions


Bárbara Revuelta, CED/LU

Abandoned and illegitimate, a double mortality penalty? The experience of the Foundling Hospital of Madrid, 1890-1935


Martin Bøg, Dept. of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Blindfolded Recruiting ( co-authored with E. Kranendonk)


Sol Juarez, CED/LU

Testing the epidemiological paradox in Spain: Birth outcomes in the population of Madrid (co-authored with G. B. Ploubidis and L. Clarke)


Tina Hannemann & Kirk Scott, CED/LU

Labor migration and cardiovascular disease in Sweden


Herdis Steingrimsdottir, Copenhagen Business School

Access to the Birth Control Pill and the Career Plans of Young Men and Women


Therese Nilsson, CED/Dept. of Economics, LU

¿Lo que no mata, engorda? The impact of the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic on Economic Performance in Sweden (co-authored with M. Karlsson and S. Pichler)


David Hacker, CED/LU and Bingham University/SUNY

Ready, Willing, and Able? Bottlenecks to the Onset of Fertility Decline in the United States


Kelly Ragan, Stockholm School of Economics

Sex and the Single Girl: The Role of Culture in Contraception Demand


Thomas Eriksson, Dept. of Economics, LU

Does early life condition determine your retirement decision?


Jens Bonke, Rockwool Foundation, Köpenhamn

Do morning-type people earn more than evening-type people?


Jonathan Fox, Max Planck Institute, Rostock

Urban Fertility Responses to Local Government Programs: Evidence from the 1923-1932 U.S (co-authored with M. Myrskylä)

2011-09-29 & Ulf Gerdtham)

Martin Nordin, CED/ LU

Explaining socioeconomic inequalities in drug utilization for Sweden 2005-2006: Evidence from linked survey and register data (co-authored with M. Dackehag)


Pernilla Andersson Joona, Swedish Institute for Social Research, SOFI

The price for flexibility - the temp worker wage gap in Sweden (co-authored with E. Wadensjö)


J. David Hacker, CED/LU and Bingham University, SUNY

A Census-Based Count of the Civil War Dead


Francesco Scalone, CED/LU and Universitá di Bologna

Testing indirect techniques of fertility estimations by using the NAPP database: examples of application of Child-Woman Ratio and Own-Children Method to the 1900 Sweden and Norway censuses


Claudia Goldin, Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University

Career-Family Conundrum


Julia Jennings, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Household Structure and Dynamics in Northern Orkney, Scotland, 1851-1901


Sol Juárez, IEGD, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Madrid

Are immigrants’ babies heavier than natives? Studying the low birth weight paradox in Spain


Pål Schøne, Institute for Social Research, Oslo

Imitation, Contagion, and Exertion – Do Colleagues’ Sickness Absences Influence your Absence Behaviour? (co-authored with Harald Dale-Olsen and Kjersti Misje Nilsen)


Bárbara Revuelta, Spanish National Research Council, Madrid

Shared destinies: death clustering in the Foundling Hospital of Madrid at the beginning of the 20th century


Silvia Melzer, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB), Nürnberg

Reconsidering the Influence of Education on Migration from East to West Germany


Helga de Valk, Interface Demography, Brussels

Inter- and intragenerational ties among the second generation: determinants and effects on the transition to adulthood


Elisabetta De Cao, Bocconi University, Milano

The height production function from birth to early adulthood


Erik Plug, University of Amsterdam

Sexual Prejudice, Sexual Orientation and Segregation


Torkild Hovde Lyngstad, Dept. of Sociology and Human Geography, Oslo University

Better late or never? Parents' union dissolution and children's educational achievement (co-authored with W. Sigle Rushton)


Jonas Nordström, Dept. of Economics, LU

Economic policies for healthier food intake: the impact on different household categories (co-authored with L. Thunström)


Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Vienna Institute of Demography

National transfer accounts for Austria. Implications for the projections of life cycle deficits, demographic dividends and support ratio


Andrés Palacio, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Socioeconomic inequalities in child health in Colombia, between 1981 and 2005


Nina Smith, School of Economics and Management, Århus university

Statistical Discrimination and Gender differences in promotion patterns into CEO and Vice-President positions in Denmark (co-authored with Valdemar Smith and Mette Verner)


George Alter, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Stopping & Spacing: Fertility Control in Historic Europe and Contemporary Africa


Chiara Seghieri, Laboratorio Management e Sanitá, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa

Performance evaluation of health care systems: a new challenge for Italy. The experience of the Tuscany Region


Martin Hällsten, Swedish Institute for Social Research, SOFI, Stockholm University

The delinquency gap between children of immigrants and children of native Swedes (co-authored with R. Szulkin and J. Sarnecki)


Tommy Bengtsson, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Frontiers in Economic History: Crises in Human History


Martin Dribe, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Exogamy, cultural dissimilarity, and union dissolution. A longitudinal study of immigrants and natives in Sweden 1990–2005 (co-authored with C. Lundh)


Olle Westerlund, Dept. of Economics, Umeå University

The Earnings Impact of Education for Older Workers – Analyzing Annual Register Data Stretching over 25 Years


Elisabeth Mangrio, CED/ Dept. of Clinical Sciences, LU

Obstacles to breastfeeding and health at the age of 4 years in Malmö, Sweden


Ulf Gertham, Dept. of Economics, LU

What Can We Really Do? A Re-Examination Of Socioeconomic Differences In Health Using Twin Data


Mikko Myrskylä, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

Parental age and offspring adult health


Peter Håkansson, Dept. of Economic History, LU

The Need for a Micro Model of Social Capital


Pieter Bevelander, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) and IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations), Malmö University

The employment attachment of refugees in Sweden


Kirk Scott, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Second Generation Immigrants and Age at Motherhood. A Longitudinal Study of The Impact of Intergenerational Transmission of Fertility Behavior (co-authored with Maria Stanfors)


Petter Lundborg, CED/ Dept. of Economics, LU

No Country for Fat Men? Obesity, Earnings, Skills, and Health among 450,000 Swedish Men (co-authored with Paul Nystedt and Dan-Olof Rooth)


Tina Hannemann, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

The impact of job constrains and social aspects of the working place on the incidence of cardiovascular disease


Göran Broström, CED/ Dept. of Statistics, Umeå University

Causality in statistical analysis


Paul Nystedt, Linköping University

Intermarriage and Earnings among Immigrant Men in Sweden, 1990-2005


Maria Stanfors, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Family Commitment among Fast-Track Professionals in Sweden, 1991–2005. A Longitudinal Register-Based Study of How Continued Childbearing and Union Stability Vary Among Groups of High-Achieving Women and Men


Jonas Helgertz, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Post-migration educational investments and immigrants’ income assimilation in Sweden 1977-2001


Martin Nordin, CED/ Dept. of Economics, LU

Ability Heterogeneity in Intergenerational Mobility


Therese Nilsson, CED/ Dept. of Economics, LU

Good for living? On the relationship between globalization and life expectancy.


David Hacker, Binghamton University (SUNY)

New Perspectives on the Onset of the Fertility Transition in the United States, 1850-1880


Luciana Quaranta, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

Fertility and Seasonal Migration: An Individual Level Study of Nineteenth Century Italian Alps


Mats Persson, CED/ Dept. of Economic History, LU

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