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Prestigious prize to CED researcher

Published: 2017-12-18

Petter Lundborg is the 2017 recipient of the Assar Lindbeck Medallion

One of the members of CED, Petter Lundborg at the Department of Economics, has recently been awarded one of the finest recognitions to Swedish researchers in economics. The biannually awarded prize of 200 000 SEK and the medallion goes to a researcher under 45 years of age who has made a significant contribution to economics.

Petter has in his research in particular focused on empirical research using Swedish register data and contributed both in health economics and labour market economics, as well as economy of the family and financial economics. In his role as a member of the CED, he has been especially active within research on early life effects and later life outcomes in projects related to both health and education, both modern and historical studies.

Our congratulations goes to Petter and best of luck in future research achievements!