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New podcast on the corona virus

Published: 2020-05-20

How can we better understand the new corona virus and its consequences? Is it possible to compare this with the historical Spanish flu? What short- and long-term social and economic repercussions did that pandemic have? And how can research help us understand the unprecedented effects that the corona virus might have on the global economy?

Researchers from Lund university, of which several are members of CED, discuss the corona virus from different perspectives in this new two-part podcast.

Below you find a summary of the content, for more extensive information, please see EHL nyheter: Ny podd om att förstå corona (only available in Swedish)

Part 1: Jonas Björk initiates with an epidemiological background of the virus and talks about measuring morbidity and the spread of viruses, and Martin Dribe and Therese Nilsson then discuss research on the Spanish flu and what parallells you can find between the two pandemics. Moderator is Maria Stanfors.

Listen to part 1 on Soundcloud (only available in Swedish)

Part 2: Fredrik N G Andersson, Fredrik Sjöholm and Maria Stanfors here discuss the reasons for why the present economic crisis might be much more profound than earlier crises, and what possible effects this could have on globalisation, production and equality. 

Listen to part 2 on Soundcloud (only available in Swedish)