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Lund Population Day 2022

Published: 2022-09-29

Welcome to the annual Lund Population Day on 20 October 2022. The keynote will be held by Professor Douglas Massey, Princeton University. The topic: “Trends, Causes, and Consequences of Segregation in the United States”. This will be followed by shorter presentations and sessions by Lund University researchers working on population issues.

Photo: Gerd Altmann / pixabay

Quick facts

Date: 20 October 2022. 10:15–17:00.
Venue: Eden (Department of Political Science) in Lund. Map.
Organisers: Center for Economic Demography and Lund University Population Research Platform

Attendance is free of charge.

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Afternoon sessions

13.00-14.00 (Papers)

Chair: Jonas Björk

Maria Stanfors (EKH):          Female independence and the risk of divorce. Evidence 
                                               from Sweden, 1947-2015. 

Jan Mewes (SOC):               Welfare state design and generalized trust in 30 European
                                               countries, 2002–2018.

14.00-15.15 (Flash talks)

Chair: Martin Dribe

Louise Cormack (EKH):         Life-long effects of incremental economic resources
                                                in childhood: the introduction of the first Swedish   
                                                child allowance in 1938.                                               

Anna Linder (MED):              Earlier grading in schools and mental health.

Anna Tegunimataka (EKH):  Female unemployment and child poverty among
                                                immigrants in Denmark.                            

Alexander Saaranen (SOC): Stability and change in social trust during the pandemic:
                                                Longitudinal evidence from Switzerland.

Elien Dalman (EKH):            The impact of social class and surname status.
                                               Intergenerational persistence in Sweden 1865-2015.

Giedre Gefenaite (MED):     A nationwide Swedish register-based study to identify the
                                               links between housing, relocation and active and healthy
                                               ageing in 55 years old and older adults between 1987 and   

15.15-15.45 Coffee och Q&A flash talks

15.45-16.45 (Papers)

Chair: Johan Sandberg

Petra Thiemann (NEK):        School density and inequality in student achievement

Björn Eriksson (EKH):            Socioeconomic status and adult life expectancy before the
                                               modern welfare state: New evidence from 19th and 20th
                                               century death registers and census data.


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