Centre for Economic Demography

Lund University School of Economics and Management


2019-06-19 Lund Population Day 2019
2019-04-08 Thirsk-Feinstein Prize for best dissertation to Volha Lazuka
2019-02-28 Course in Living conditions and demographic change in pre-industrial societies - Apply Now
2019-02-15 Call for applications to European Doctoral School of Demography
2018-12-06 Wallander sholarships to PhDs affiliated to the Centre!
2018-11-27 Workshop on Text Recognition
2018-10-08 Post-doctoral fellow in Economic History/ Demography
2018-09-17 Research with personally identifiable data. Secrecy, ethics and security
2018-08-24 Lund Population Day 20 September
2018-08-24 Jeff Neilson awarded International postdoc grant
2018-08-24 Upcoming course on Causal inference
2018-04-05 Anna Tegunimataka awarded prize for best dissertation at LUSEM
2018-03-21 They nailed it!
2018-03-21 Barnafödande gör att kvinnors löner släpar efter
2018-03-01 How is the Swedish Welfare State doing?
2018-02-12 Luciana Quaranta Associate Professor
2018-01-24 EDSD placed in Germany/Denmark is open for application!
2017-12-18 Prestigious prize to CED researcher
2017-12-12 Yet one new research grant to professor Maria Stanfors
2017-10-31 New research grant to CED affiliate
2017-10-25 Vacancy at the Centre for Economic Demography
2017-10-23 Ph.D. student affiliated to CED to defend her thesis November 10
2017-09-29 New FORTE Junior Research Grant to Luciana Quaranta
2017-09-08 Upcoming NordicEpi conference in Lund
2017-09-08 CED members editors of Special Issue of Scandinavian Journal of Public Health