Centre for Economic Demography

Lund University School of Economics and Management


Swedish Longitudinal Immigrant Database

SLI is an individual based register database containing detailed information on a sample of 109 699 individuals from sixteen different countries of origin and a Swedish control group of equal size, presently covering the period 1968-1996. The unique character of the data base is the addition of information on background conditions and experience in the sending countries for roughly 22 000 of the immigrants. The information include working experience, education and language ability and complement the corresponding data available for all individuals from arrival to Sweden and onwards.

The first sets of data became accessible in 1996/97 and based on the material, three doctoral theses, one licentiate thesis and numerous research articles has been published, mainly in the areas of labour market integration, fertility, return migration and sick leave.

Planned or on-going research is currently directed towards three projects; one on the observed divergences in health status between immigrants and native Swedes, another study of regional integration and internal migration among immigrant groups, and the third in migration/return migration. Based on these research projects, financial support to enlarge and up-date the data base has recently been received from the Swedish research Council. The existing data base will be up-dated with information for the years 1996-2001, and certain completions of data for individuals immigrating between 1994 and 2001 will also be made. In addition, data on health related characteristics, both on individual and house-hold level, will be included in the database.

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