Centre for Economic Demography

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Lund University Macroeconomic and Demographic Database

LU - MADD is developed and maintained by the Department of Economic History at Lund University. The goal of the database is to assemble in one place a large and detailed collection of annual demographic and macroeconomic data about Sweden, and to make these data easily accessible to students, teachers and researchers in Sweden and around the world.

This site provides documentation and raw data series, as well as contact information for those researchers responsible for the initial data collection. The data are organized by research area, and are accesible through links in each section. A brief description of each data series is provided on the download page, and a more detailed description is available as a text file.

The data currently provided comes largely as the result of research within two groups:

The Research Group in Population Economics

The Research Programme on Structural Economics

You are welcome to download and make use of any data posted here. We do ask that you acknowledge LU - MADD as the source of the data and provide our complete URL:, along with the initial data source so that others can take advantage of this collection.

This site was created with initial funding from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University and the Research Programme in Economic Demography (funded by the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research).