Centre for Economic Demography

Lund University School of Economics and Management


From the 1980’s and onwards, databases on micro as well as macro level has been developed by the members of centre and as a result a number of unique data bases are currently managed by CED. The databases have been created with specific research purposes in mind. Together they constitute an important foundation for research, and education, in the field of economic demography. In addition to the three databases below, the group has acquired several other databases to be used in research and on higher educational level. Access to the databases containing individual-based information is restricted by laws of secrecy and usage of these requires special permission. The exceptions are the public part of SEDD and LU-MADD, which both are directly accessible over the Internet.

  • The public part, covering the 19th century, is available over the internet. For access, please click SEDD public access

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On specific issues regarding the SEDD, please contact SEDD.

Data for the period 1813 to 1914 is now publicly accessible. Use of data for the period after 1914 requires special permission.

For more general details on accessibility, please see information below.