Centre for Economic Demography

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Population Ageing: future research

The inroads into this research area have opened up new collaborations with researchers previously unrelated to the CED. The newly formed Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies (KWC) at LU provides an interesting new partnership. While researchers at the KWC have been primarily interested in financial markets and not in demographic processes, together we have outlined more refined research of the financial impacts of an increasing share of elderly. From September 2011, a PhD student cofunded by the KWC and the CED will work in this area. We have also started a new project in collaboration with Thomas Lindh at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm and with Alexia Fürnkrantz-Prskawetz at the Vienna Institute of Technology. This is a pan-European project examining the phenomenon of population ageing in different countries, using data from the National Transfers Project (NTP).

In addition to the purely financial and demographic aspects of population ageing, there is an important additional issue concerning how care for the elderly is organized. This line of research assesses not only the current state of elderly care in Sweden but also how it has developed through time. It is thus a very good complement to the initial idea of the CED, i.e. to study the development of Swedish society and the welfare state seen through the filter of demographic processes. To date, this part of the program has delved into issues concerning the processes behind the creation of universal elderly care in Sweden. Given the fact that today most of the benefit programs in Sweden are universal, an understanding of their genesis will add to our understanding of their future form and character.